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Marius Duurland
guitar, double bass, vocals.

Marius founded his first (high school) band in the 1970s. The music style developed and changed over the years from hard rock to folk rock, and finally to more traditional folk music such as Klezmer, Balkan, Gypsy, Country and Scottish/Irish folk music.

The electric guitars were exchanged for acoustic ones.

The bass guitar was exchanged for a double bass. His steady rhythm both on guitar and with the warm contrabass, gives "swing, cadence, warmth and fire" to trio in Petto.

Vocally he also holds his own between the two musical sisters. He provides beautiful harmony parts during the harmonies and takes you on a narrative journey during his "lead-singing numbers". 

In recent years he has participated in various music groups with Pauline, and - just like Pauline - successfully traveled around the country.

Pauline Duurland
violin, accordion, tin wistle, mandolin, vocals.
Pauline Accordeon.jpg

Coming from a musical family, she has played the violin since childhood.

In addition to classical music, the family also listened to gypsy music and Irish/Scottish/English folk music.

Song lyrics were hung on the kitchen cupboards, so that people sang together while washing the dishes. It is therefore not surprising that these musical styles have appeared in various music groups in which she has participated in recent years.

She has since played many performances and concerts, and recorded a number of CDs, to the great pleasure of the audience. Both her playing and voice touch many hearts.
Pauline's broad musical interests are also reflected in the number of instruments she can use. She has developed into a multi-instrumentalist and also plays the violin
mandolin, guitar, tin whistle, piano and accordion.

Combined with her pure singing voice, she is very decisive for the sound of trio In Petto.

Buvana Gerlach
Harp,guitar, flute and song 

Coming from the same musical family as Pauline, as a child she loved to sing, make music (lyre, flute and guitar) and write poems/little songs. She really enjoyed the broad musical and creative interests that were imparted by her parents. Irish/Scottish, gypsy, and classical music were common denominators. A little later the harp came into her life to form a special match with her ethereal voice. She can put her heart and soul into it and also composes her own songs that touch people's souls.

In addition, Buvana was very attracted to Eastern culture, music and spirituality from her childhood.

Music, creativity and spirituality have remained the common thread in her life, and so passion and work have increasingly become aligned.

She now has several albums to her name, has given concerts at home and abroad and has been able to collaborate with top musicians.

In Trio In Petto her voice and harp playing brings in an element of soultouching inspiration. 

Buvana offers her work under the name "Tempelbron", see button 

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